May. 18th, 2011

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Title: Who'd Have Known 1/12
Author: [ profile] dizzydame and [ profile] virkatjol
Rating: NC-17, most of it is PG-13 or less.
Summary: What would happen if Vala is found right after giving birth, taken back to the SGC with her baby and that baby doesn't age unnaturally fast?
Word Count: ~58,000
Disclaimer: Nothing is owned by us. We are owned by the adorableness that is Cam/Vala

A/N - I emailed Jo weeks ago with this stupid Cam/Vala dream I had and I was SO HAPPY when she wanted to write it with me. :D :D Even after she agreed to I never thought it would turn into a 58k word thing, but it has, and omggg I loved every second of writing it. In summary, Jo is pretty much the best, the end. Also: this IS a completed fic. We're just breaking up chapter posting, because it was too big to go all at once.

SPECIAL THANKS TO karen_b for the BETAing! I plied her with promises of porn in the future for the undertaking. TY BB!!!

Who'd Have Known 1/12
Who'd Have Known 2/12
Who'd Have Known 3/12


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