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Team Night
Cam, Vala (PG)
SG-1 gen team fic, Cam POV
760 words

Of course, event my gen fic is Cam and Vala focused. Sorry!

Written for the [ profile] fandomverse challenge The Group.

It's without a doubt the calmest team night any of them have ever had, mostly because they're all bruised, battered, and exhausted. Cam's living room is as homey and welcoming as ever,

Cam sits on the couch with his head back. His vision still swims when he moves too quickly and the best solution he's found is to just not move at all. Sam's curled up in the arm chair with her eyes closed, and Jackson's on the floor. Cam's pretty sure that he's asleep but he hasn't started snoring yet. Even Teal'c, sitting in the other chair, ramrod straight, has his eyes closed.

The movie's over and the bouncing dvd player logo is all that's on the screen, but he doesn't want to get up yet to turn it off. Vala's asleep with her head on his lap and somehow his fingers are in her hair. He doesn't even remember putting them there.

He thinks maybe she's asleep but when he moves her eyes open and she's perfectly alert. Tired, but alert. She sits up slowly, stretching, and looks around. "Well, we're just a wild bunch tonight, aren't we?"

Her voice is slow, a smooth dark whisper in the silence of the room. He smiles and shrugs. "You want to sleep?"

"More than anything," she says, sincerity tinging her voice. "What about..."

She gestures around.

"They can crash here." He pauses once he's up on his feet, letting the waves of pain wash over him and then clear, and then heads for his spare room. He pulls out blankets and pillows, enough for the whole team. It's not a regular even but this isn't the first time this has happened and he's pretty sure it won't be the last.


Cam toes at Daniel's thigh with the toe of his boot. "Jackson. Up and at 'em, solider."

Daniel makes a face like a fourth grader not wanting to go to school. "It's not my watch-"

Cam has to laugh. "No, it's not. But it is your bed time. Come on, couch has your name all over it."

Daniel blinks his eyes open, and Cam gives him a minute to get his bearings. He finally looks over at the couch, and doesn't seem entirely unhappy with the situation. "Gotta pee," he informs Cam, entirely unnecessarily, and makes his way bleary eyed to Cam's bathroom.


He shakes Sam's shoulder gently, avoiding the bandage lower on her arm. She startles out of a doze and then groans. "Sorry, I-"

"You're not the only one," he says, interrupting her. She looks around and sees Teal'c already stretched across a pallet on the floor. "Extra bedroom's yours, if you want it. I think Vala's already in there."

She nods, standing and wrapping her arms around herself. "Daniel?"

"Couch," Cam says, nodding to the stack of blankets and pillow already there. "He's in the john. Your turn next. Medicine cabinet's stocked if you need anything before you sleep."

She digs into her pocket and pulls out a small bottle of pills, shaking it with a wry grin. "Dr. Lam's speciality."

Cam laughs. "Night, Carter."

"Goodnight, Cam."


His room is pitch black but he makes his way across it by memory. He undresses as he goes. In the morning he'll straighten up, throw his clothes into a hamper, make things tidy... or maybe he won't. He envisions sleeping in, the bliss of a mattress under him instead of hard ground and a sleeping bag, no sun in his eyes, no one waking him up to take his morning shift.

He sits on the bed and the mattress doesn't move right. He fumbles a hand over and it lands on Vala's hip. He knows it's her right away, something instinctive. Besides, who else would think it would be okay to slip into his bed? Vala makes an art out of weaseling around normal boundaries.

"Wrong bed," he says.

"Nuh," Vala says, more of a grunt than a word, and yanks the covers over her head.

He reaches over and turns on the bedside lamp, provoking another whine from her. "You're supposed to sleep in there with Sam."

She pokes her head back out just long enough to say, "As much as I'd love to provide some fantasy fulfillment, I'd rather sleep with you than Sam."

He rolls his eyes. "Any particular reason?"

"You've got better sheets," she says.

Well, he can't argue that one, and really he's too tired to even true. "You better be wearing clothes," he grumbles, stretching out on the bed and then turning off the light.


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