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Written for the [ profile] stargateland AU challenge. Vala has a secret...

I guess I should PROBABLY go ahead and thank [ profile] virkatjol for both the suggestion and for the title. :D YOU WERE VERY ~INSPIRATIONAL DURING THE WRITING OF THIS.

There's a tingle in Cam's gut that starts out slow and radiates outward.

He notices it as soon as they step through the gate on PX3-252 but it's nothing big. He shrugs it off as pre-mission nerves, realizing somewhere in the back of his mind that it's not really the same as that at all, but it doesn't seem dangerous, doesn't ping on his radar that way. It's a pleasant word, full of lush greenery and friendly locals.

They're escorted to the royal court, met by an older man that explains that their Queen is not available for consultation, but Daniel puts on his diplomatic voice and says he wants to explore something old and dusty (not really in those words, but Cam figures that's the end game anyway). Daniel, Teal'c, and Sam are led off.

Vala is surprisingly quiet. Cam has to keep looking over at her to check on her. He notices the distance she stands from him and he does find it strange, but what about Vala isn't strange to him? Strange and fascinating.

Until she walks toward him. A woman out of the darkness, skin pale and ethereal, hair frosty like a halo of ice around her head. She's at once the most beautiful thing he's ever seen and still a sight he has to close his eyes against. She looks right at Vala and smiles, the sort of smile that makes Cam think she has a secret she's not telling, and then she walks away.

Cam and Vala are left alone in the long chamber.

"So-" He says, turning toward her, and then that tingle is back and full force.

He hears an intake of breath and he's pretty sure that it's Vala but he can't really think, can't do anything but follow his instinct, which says... to fuck. The word flashes in his mind and he can't jar it. He's hard, thick and throbbing in his pants, feeling sweat form along his brow line. He wants to fuck. He wants naked flesh under his hand, the swell of breasts and stiffness of nipples against his tongue while he sucks on them, while his cock slides inside of someone hot and wet and tight, a female voice gasping in his ear, someone he can strain and thrust against, work out this sudden burning need until he lost it, rutted and humped and let nature take over.

There's a hand on him and he fumbles and reaches for her. Bare skin, like his mouth is watering for, and this is like nothing he's done before; not his or two of drunken one night stands, not the girls in college he spent weeks chatting up just to get laid, not past girlfriends, not even that one that blew him in the restaurant on their first date when he was 30. He's never been so hot for someone and he knows, he KNOWS who it is, because it's not like this is out of nowhere. No, it's just every dirty fantasy he's ever had suddenly right there crowding in his mind, on the tip of his tongue, and whatever he's going through she must be feeling the same way because suddenly he has an arm full of Vala. He has no idea where her shirt went and doesn't really care. Her legs wrap around him and he staggers under her weight, stumbles forward until there's a nice handy wall and then he's doing his damnedest to fuck her through their clothes, cock hard and hot and straining his BDU's and fuck, he can feel the heat from her cunt right there, because she's shoved her pants down too, kicked one leg out of them and wrapped it back around him. His hand cups her ass and slides under the elastic, fingers stroking along the crease of her ass, jerking her forward against him in time with the pounding of his pulse.

She shoves at his chest and he's so confused, every inch of his body screaming to keep going but then her teeth bite into his ear, pain that makes him jerk back. She scrambles to work while he's still in a daze and gets his pants unbuttoned and jerks them down, sinking to her knees and tugging him out of his boxer briefs. He grunts in surprise when she takes him in her mouth, sucking hard like she's starving for it, wet and messy and desperate. Her fingers clutch at his thighs and leave half moon fingernail marks but that doesn't even register beyond the pleasure of hard tight suction, her cheeks hollowed around her prized mouthful, moaning deep and low in a way that hums up his shaft, makes precome trickle out of him steadily, coating her mouth.

Her mouth leaves him with a pop and his hand goes to her head, to drive her back to where he needs her but then she's sucking his balls in, no playing around, just straight to action; sucking and rolling it against her tongue, the skin already tight with anticipation of getting to blow his load. And he knows where he wants to lose it; inside of her. It has to be inside, he has to fuck. Even now, he can't help but move, his cock hitting her cheek and smearing precome there.

He yanks her to her feet. "Vala," he says, name wrenching out of some place deep inside of him. She nods frantically, eyes wide and pupils huge, and then he crashes her back against the wall and kisses her like he needs her tongue in his mouth to draw air for the both of them. He thrusts his cock against her stomach and she whines, reaches down and moves him so that he's between her thighs instead. They're just the right height for it and Cam can't help the animalistic cry that comes from him any more than he can help fucking her thighs hard and fast. She immediately surges forward and whines desperately, riding his cock because with every stroke it hits her clit so perfectly. She comes hard only seconds after he's started to move, her entire body shaking against him with the force of it, thighs clenching with amazing tightness and pressure and then he's coated in her wetness, making everything slick and when Cam breathes in all he can smell is sex, primal and urgent.

Vala's far from done; she hikes her leg back up at just the right moment and instead of sliding against her the head of his cock catches that perfect spot, thrusts against her entrance and then he's in her, just a couple of inches, just the head buried there for a split second before it registers and he slams in deep.

Vala throws back her head and howls, wrapping her arms around his neck and letting him and the wall take her weight. She's chanting a litany of erotic encouragement in his ear, fuckme and yescameron and justlikethat and he's pretty sure he could come from the sound of her voice alone. He can feel it right down to his toes, a sort of pleasure he's never got from sex before, the kind of thing he dreamed sex was when the closest he got was his right hand and a bottle of lotion. It's perfect and hot as hell and he wants to spend the rest of his life just like this lost in a wet slip of sex on sex, cock in cunt, her body and his. There's no pain, no aching back, no protesting knees, just her breasts pressed to his chest and the grip of her around him, muscles fluttering with what feels - and sounds - like one continuous orgasm from Vala.

He comes hard and all of a sudden, no warning, just a spastic brilliant flash of white throughout his body and then endless spurting, filling her up, more than her body can take. It drips back out and slicks her thighs where they wrap around him. Their bodies cool there together, sweat and come and spit, and they kiss slowly now, leisurely.

"What..." His voice is raw when he finally finds the energy to form words again. "Vala..."

She turns her face into his neck as if she's hiding from him. "I suppose I should have had this conversation before now."

Slowly, reluctantly, she moves away from him. He lowers her to to the ground and they grasp each others arms for a moment, as if they both might need a bit of stability that they can only find in each other. "What conversation?"

"I'm... this is... where I'm from." She reaches up and cups his cheek, smiling wistfully. "Before Qetesh took me, this was my home. My people have certain talents, certain... impacts on others."

"That was... you?" He's still coasting on afterglow, feeling like he's just run a marathon and weak as a newborn lamb, and he's not really sure he understands any of this.

"I hadn't realized quite how being back on my home world would effect me. We're called the fae, the people of the royal court, and there's a reason a sex goddess chose me as her host." She steps back, somehow managing to look regal, tall and pale and beautiful, and very much like she belongs here. "But I've spent many years learning how to not do to men what I did to you-"

"What did you do to me?" Cam interrupts her to ask.

"Sex," Vala says, bluntly. "I made you want sex. I made you want me."

"So your super power is turning guys on? But you had a handle on it before we got here?" He asks, wanting to make sure he's following.

She nods, looking hesitant.

"Okay," Cam says. "Well... hell. Vala, I wanted you before this."

She smiles just a little. "Really?"

He look at her, standing there naked in front of him, hair mussed and mouth swollen, radiating beauty and satisfaction. "Yeah, Vala. Really."
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