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Written while I watched The Powers That Be. Set a few weeks after that.

Cam wakes up and realizes two things: he's not alone, and he still has at least an hour before his alarm goes off. Being offworld has fucked up his sleeping schedule and he's only starting to realize what a true pain in the ass time zones between entire planets can be.

He rubs his eyes with the heel of his palm and then the warm body beside him shifts over, tugging sheets with it. Cam reaches down and yanks them back, and Vala grunts in protest, tightening her hold.

He rolls onto his side and leans around her, covering her hand with his and uncurling her fingers from the sheet to tug it back. "Thief," he says, voice rough with sleep.

She stretches under him and he realizes he's pressed against her and neither of them are wearing anything and suddenly he doesn't quite care so much about being covered up. A grin curves across her mouth, sleepy but every bit as dangerous as she ever is, and he leans down to kiss her just to stave off whatever obnoxious remark she's going to make.

Instead he gets a pleased sound and she wraps her arms around him and slides her body against him. He's half hard already and getting harder with every press of her tongue into his mouth. She kisses like quicksilver, something he can't predict, and it makes it hot as hell.

He pulls away long enough to say, "This is still a bad idea."

"You keep saying that..." She runs a hand down his chest, tidy nails scraping through the hair there and giving him goosebumps, and then reaches down to grasp his cock. "And not doing anything about it."

"Yeah, well," Cam says, and kisses her again. "I'm only human."

He could blame it on a lot of things, really. He knows what a stupid decision it is, sleeping with her. He could blame it on adrenaline, on the sudden multitude of near death experiences on his life, he could admit that she might be taking advantage of him, that she might just be bored.

Or he could be a man and just acknowledge that he's doing it because he wants to. Because he met a girl, and he likes her, and he wants to get closer... in whatever way she'll let him.

"You really stood no chance..." She moves her mouth to his ear, flicking out to tease him while her hand works him. "Get another one of those... whatever you call them-"

"Condom," Cam says, and he doesn't really want to think about what had prompted him to throw them in his overnight pack when he decided he needed to keep a few things on base, but Vala's long, long legs and her breasts pushed up in that leather corset probably had something to do with it even then. He has to reach past her to get them out of the drawer and by choice that involves a full body press, his cock rubbing against her hip. He snags the packet and leans back over, but doesn't open it just yet. He drops it on her stomach and then grins at her and moves down her body, kneeling between her legs.

Vala lets out a happy little moan. "You... you are certainly proving to have unforeseen strengths."

He rubs his fingers along her cunt and tests the wetness there. "Someone's been having happy dreams."

His fingers slide in easily and she jerks her hips, clenching around them, bucking for more. "Dreaming about that... oh, yes... about that thing you did with your t-tongue..."

He leans down and does it again, holding her open with his fingers and thrusting his tongue in, then dragging it up to her clit, circling it with the tip. She whines low in her throat and tries to grasp his hair but it's too short to get any purchase with. He puts his hands on her thighs and holds her down, already knowing she likes that little sign of dominance, responds to it better than anything.

"You gonna come, Vala?" He says, not big on dirty talk, but wanting to draw the words out of her. Doesn't matter what she's saying, her voice makes him rock hard, but in bed, during sex? It's as good as a hand or a mouth on him. Better, maybe. He wants to drown in that voice, wrap himself up in it. He'd do stupid things to hear her say his name like that. He uses two fingers inside her, fucking her with them, giving her that feeling of fullness that her body craves while he drives her wild.

"Oh, yes, your mouth... taste me, I want to watch you..." Her actions are in opposition to her words, head flung back against the pillow, hair strewn around her. "Yes, yes, Cameron, harder, right there, just- oh, Cameron!"

She lets out a cry that makes him glad these walls are so thick, rippling around the fingers inside of her. He slows that motion but eases her down with his mouth, steady flicking turning to slow licks, lapping up the taste of her and drawing out the aftershocks of orgasm. When he rejoins her at the head of the bed she's flushed and panting and out of breath and glorious. He leans in and kisses her, smearing her own wetness against her lips and chin, letting her taste herself as well. It's worth sharing, a heady thing.

He watches her and just grins until she opens one eye and makes a face. "You look entirely too proud of yourself."

"Made you come saying my name," he smirks, leaning in to kiss her but she puts a hand on his chest and shoves him back. He could easily fight it but he's sensing that doing things her way will get him what he wants a little more quickly, and it's not the big head he's thinking with right now, because that's not the one Vala wants to lead him around by.

So he lets her push him down onto the bed and straddle him, lets her rip open the condom delicately with her teeth and then roll it on. She takes care to do so, bottom lip caught between her teeth, concentrating hard. She looks triumphant when she's done and he laughs at that, because it'd taken three tries and one very painful snapping incident the night before for it to work, but looking back he doesn't even mind. They'd laughed - ridiculously, out of control laughter, almost hysterical - and that's not really something he'd ever thought sex with Vala would be like (and he'd spent quite a lot of the weeks he's known her thinking of having sex with her) but he likes it, maybe likes it too much, because as soon as the first time was over he'd been thinking of the next time, and he's not sure Vala's really set up for more than this - not with him, anyway.

"Stop thinking," she instructs him, reaching up to tap at his chin with a fingertip. "It's very rude to be lost in thought when a stunning woman is about to ride your cock."

"Uh..." The word cock coming out of her mouth makes his dick twitch hard.

Vala feels it and grins, looking down. "See? He knows how things like this are supposed to go."

She rises on her knees and then lowers herself onto him. His eyes shut and his head tips back and he doesn't open them again until she's seated on him, his cock buried inside of her as far as it can go. She just waits there, grinning, teasing.

"Oh, come on," he groans, reaching out and wrapping his hands around her waist, trying to urge her to move.

She shakes her head and looks down at him. "No, first I want you to promise me something."

"... now? Really? That's like extortion." Of course, would he expect anything else from Vala?

She laughs but he can tell there's something else there now, a different sort of tension that he wants to get rid of as quickly as possible. He reaches up and pushes her hair over her shoulder. "Okay, what?" He says.

It's hard to focus on words when he can feel the heat of her body around him, but he'll try.

"You were sick, on that planet." Her voice catches.

"A lot of people were."

"But you were... I didn't like that."

"Vala..." He has to protest, gently though he tries to do it. "You can't think about stuff like that."

She leans down suddenly and kisses him, lips sealed on his. He reaches up and cups her face. "Vala. What's this about?"

"I was dreaming, before - before you woke me. I dreamed we were back there and you died."

"I didn't die. I'm right here." He takes her hand and puts it over his chest, where his heart thuds steadily. "You can feel me. Right here. Right there."

He thrusts his hips and she gasps, caught off guard by it. She nods, and straightens her posture, leaving her hand where it is. She starts to ride him and it looks like something else now, looks like something more. He wants to try and figure out what it is, what it means, but his brain isn't getting it's fair share of blood flowing to it right now, and Vala does sex like she does everything else; with mind-blowing hotness.

He tries to reach for her clit but she bats his hand away. He's confused but goes with what she wants, just enjoys the view until it gets to be too much and he's straining against the mattress, making noises he'd never remember making later, and he's two seconds away from coming when suddenly she lifts her body away. His eyes fly open and he has no idea what's going on except that he was really close to something really good and now he's not, but then she's peeling off the condom and dropping it onto the floor beside the bed and then sliding back over him - not taking him in, btu he can still feel the press and slide of the wetness of her cunt, and delicious pressure, and somehow the momentary interruption just sends him hurtling all the faster into orgasm. She grasps him just as he starts to come, directs his cock so that it hits her stomach and drips down her thigh, back onto the base of his cock, making a mess and getting everywhere as she milks every drop of it with her fingertips. When he's done she swipes her thumb over the head and catches the last oozing bit, then brings it to her mouth and licks.

"Good. God." Cam says, once he's found breath to speak. "I think you just broke me."

She grins and then lays down on him, snuggling against his chest, not seeming to care one bit that she's just making them both even messier. He decides that, just for the moment, he won't care either. He should really worry about how much he likes this, just laying here holding her in the afterglow, but he'll worry later. He's discovering that life may very well just be too short to turn away a good thing.
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