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Teenage Dream, part 2/3
5140 words
rated nc-17
cam/vala high school au
part 1

(also submitted for the [ profile] stargateland Favorite Things challenge)

Cam goes straight home after school, relieved to see an empty house with no cars in front of it.

What he's not expecting is to find Vala sitting cross-legged on his couch with an open photo album on her lap. "You're home! You had such blonde hair as a child. Is this your brother?"

"Yeah, that's Will... um, hi?" The confusion he feels is evident in his voice.

She closes the photo album and makes a sour face. "As much fun as it is to look at those pictures of you in the bath, do you think I could take a shower now? I'm really reaching unpleasant hygiene levels here."

"Yeah - um, come with me." He plans on letting her use the bathroom nearest his bedroom, though he still has no idea how he'll explain it away should someone come home.

He walks into the bathroom to get out the towel that she'll need. Vala finds him, dropping her bag on the bathroom floor and pulling her shirt over her head. She's wearing the same bra from the night before and he stares in the mirror. "I'll go wait... are you hungry?"

Her face lights up. "Starving!"

"I'll make something to eat then. Just come down when you're ready."


Twenty minutes later she walks in wearing shorts and a t-shirt, still toweling her hair dry. "Oh, I feel almost human again," she moans. Her bare feet don't make any noise as she walks across the kitchen to peer at what he's making.

"Macaroni and cheese. Hope you like it." He's not exactly a whiz when it comes to cooking. "I made sandwiches, too."

She reaches past him and grabs one. He can see how hungry she really is, and he's glad he made a lot. "Thank you," she says around a mouthful of turkey on white bread. She's working on her second sandwich by the time he puts the mac and cheese on a plate, too. "Aren't you going to have some?"

He shakes his head. "My folks would wonder why I wasn't eating at dinner."

They sit at the kitchen table and she eats. She finishes three sandwiches and all of the mac and cheese before sitting back, resting a hand on her stomach in that universal signal for feeling too full. "So can I stay here tonight again?"

He thinks about her in his bed, waking up beside her, about Daniel saying it wasn't her fault. "Yeah, of course."

She smiles and gets up, taking her plate over to the sink and washing it. "Where do these go?"

"Just leave it on the counter, I'll put it up," Cam says.

Vala goes back over to him and instead of sitting in another chair, sits on his lap. "I put my bag in your room," she says, like she's making idle conversation, before she leans in to kiss him.

"We should go there," he says, looking at the clock on the wall. "Just in case."

"Isn't it fun, having a dirty little secret?" She grins and stands up, taking her hand in his.

"You're not," he says, stopping her when she starts to walk.

"What? Dirty? A secret? ... yours?" She waits for him to answer.

"That, uh, the last one." He's proud of how he only stumbles slightly over it.

"Well, you've already had me, in a way."

"That's not what I meant. Are we... together?"

"Most boys don't want any more than what I've already given you."

That one throws him for a minute, but he's not dumb, he catches on. "I do."

"You might change your mind," she warns him.

"I won't." He smiles at her and squeezes her hand. "Promise."


They're in the middle of making out on his bed when he stops and blurts out, "Daniel Jackson came up to me today at school."

Vala frowns, pouting her kiss-reddened lips so cutely. "What did he want?"

"To know where you were." He figures he's gone this far, so he plunges ahead. "I asked him what happened. Why you ran away."

Vala instantly looks guarded, and wary. "What did he say?"

"That it wasn't his to tell."

"Well, he does have some instinct for self preservation, after all," Vala says, relieved.

"I still think you should tell me." He touches her, just because he can, relieved himself when she doesn't pull away. He sort of feels like she could slip out of his grasp at any moment, still.

She shakes her head and puts her arms around him, head on his shoulder. "I don't want to think about it."

"Where did you go today?"

"The library... they let you use the computers there. I emailed my father."

"Your father?" He's surprised. "I thought you were... well..."

"An orphan? Oh, no. I've got a father. He just wants nothing to do with me." She sounds flippant. "I should really thank him for at least bringing me to America before he decided he was done with me."

"He just left you?"

"Well, no," she says. "He was arrested. He's a con man, but spectacularly bad at it, at times. They sent me to foster care after that, since I didn't have a legal guardian to claim me."

"And your mom...?"

"Died." Vala sounds, for the first time, truly sad. "She died when I was ten. My father is American, so he brought me here. I was with him for about a year when he got arrested. He's been out of jail for years but... he doesn't want me."

"Why did you email him?" Cam says.

"I always do. It's stupid, I know. But I let him know where I am, when I can. Just in case... it changes so often, though. Even if he wanted to find me..."

Cam doesn't have any idea what he'd do in a situation like Vala's. He's pretty sure he'd never be as strong as she is, though. He kisses her and this time there's something different behind it, something deeper. She gives over to him and lets him lead, her bravado momentarily stripped clean leaving just a girl - sweet smelling, nice tasting, with curious hands and hair that Cam could play with for hours.

The door slams shut downstairs and Cam realizes that he'd completely lost track of time, talking to her. (And, well, the other things they'd been doing.)

He glances over to make sure his door is locked. His parents are pretty good about privacy. It's not normal for anyone to just barge in, but he's still paranoid about it.

"Cameron?" His mother calls out.

"Uh, yeah, Mom, I'm doing homework!" He shouts back.

Vala grins, stretched out alongside him. Her hand is under his shirt, fingers tickling along his skin. He likes how she touches him like she owns him. Maybe he's just a total sucker, maybe he's letting his hormones think for him, but he doesn't mind. Not as long as he can do the same to her.

As if to demonstrate his mental process, he cups her cheek. She tips her face toward his and leans in for the kiss that she clearly expects. He doesn't disappoint, meeting her tongue with his.

Until his mother's voice, closer this time, makes him jump away. "We picked up pizza for dinner, so come take a break from the homework."

"You'd better go... mummy might get upset if you miss dinner," she teases. There's an undertone of derision but considering what he just learned about her family, he won't hold that against her.

"I won't be too long. I'll tell them I want to get homework out of the way early," he says. He's not keen on lying to his parents but right now keeping Vala safe is more important. His moral compass works just fine... and he wants to think his parents would understand. Maybe. Well, except the part about Vala sleeping in his bed, and what they did... but the last thing he wants to think about are his mother and what he and Vala did the night before in the same sentence.

She stretches out on his bed, shirt riding up a little. "I suppose I will just have to find something to do to pass the time..."

He's not even sure if she means it as innuendo but that's where his mind takes it. He grabs his laptop off of the floor. "Here... you can use my computer."


If his parents think it's strange that he rushes through dinner, they don't say anything.

Will isn't as polite though. "Do you wanna go play ball?"

"Not tonight," Cam says. "Maybe tomorrow."

"Why not?"

"I've got homework to do."

"Homework?" Will groans. "But it's Friday!"

"Yeah, exactly," Cam says. "If I finish it all tonight I get all weekend to goof off."

It's a line frequently quoted to both of them by their parents, and Cam almost feels guilty for the looks of approval he gets in setting a god example for his brother.

"Can I help?"

"You really want to help with my trig homework?" Cam gives him a disbelieving look. "Hey, you can use the X-Box and play Halo if Dad'll let you."

"Really?" Will doesn't get to use Cam's video game systems much... not the one that Cam bought himself, with his own money. "Dad?"

"If Cameron doesn't mind," Frank says.

He looks at Cam and Cam can tell he's just racked up even more brownie points. That's mostly what gives him the confidence to say, "You guys mind if I just take some of this back up to my room?"

"Your homework that exciting?" There's a hint of suspicion in his mother's voice.

Cam laughs. "Uh, no. But I wanted to give this girl a call and she said she wouldn't be home after six..."

"Girl?" That distracts his mother plenty. "The one you were tutoring?"

"Yeah, her." Cam grins and this time doesn't try to deny what's going on. He's hoping that this will satisfy his parents curiosity if they think he's been hiding something. "We're kind of dating... at least, I hope we are."

"Well, that explains the good mood," Frank laughs. "When can we meet her?"

His eyes flicker nervously toward the door. "Soon, I guess."

But not too soon, he hopes.


He takes three slices back up, already familiar enough with her to know that she likes food.

"Your friend has been sending you messages," she says, scooting back on the bed so he can join her after he's locked the door.

"Oh, I must not have signed off," Cam says. "That's Darryl. Hope he didn't bug you."

"Oh, no. We had a rather fun discussion." She bites into one of the slices, leaving him to pull his computer over and look at the chat log that she's left up. "I hope you don't mind. I was bored."

"What... you really told him that?" Cam's jaw drops when he reads her messages.

"Yes, consider your high school reputation now significantly boosted." She snaps a long stretchy string of cheese and it hits her chin. "He says we have a class together but I can't quite place him."

"Yeah, well, he knows you," Cam says.

What Vala's written is not exactly truth; it's a detailed admission of exactly how talented and well endowed Cam is in certain areas. Even knowing it as an exaggeration it still makes Cam a little happy, in a very base sort of way. He's grinning when he types a goodbye to Darryl and shuts the laptop.

"You also need to learn how to hide certain files better..."

"What?!" He looks at her in disbelief.

"Well, I told you I'd find ways to amuse myself... They're right there, just waiting for anyone to discover them!"

"In a hidden folder with the extensions changed."

"A hidden folder that's just waiting there for anyone to discover it!" She snickers. "Don't worry, darling. I think it's quite flattering that you've been searching for porn with dark haired Australian girls."

He's sure his face is beet red right now. "I was just... I mean..."

"The question is, did you save those files before or after you met me? Am I just fulfilling some sort of fetish?"

"After!" Cam says, then realized that he'd fallen right into her little trap. He tries to tease back. "You were smart enough to find a hidden folder, but not to check the timestamp?"

"I just distracted." She winks. "We can do that, you know."


"I mean, not the acrobatics in that second video, but if you want to have sex..." She stretches out and puts her head on his pillow, smiling at him. "We could do that."

Cam doesn't know what to say - not for the first time, not even for the twentieth since he met her. She somehow just manages to drive the words right out of him. "I've never had sex."

She looks genuinely surprised at that. "Really?"

He shrugs, trying not to be self-conscious. "Really."

"Oh. So do you... want to?"

Of course his immediate reaction to that is yes but his gut says something different, so he goes with his gut. "Eventually."

"... marriage?" She leaves it sort of a half-question.

He laughs and shakes his head. "Nah. I mean, my folks go to church and everything, but I'm not that religious. I just... want to feel like it's the right moment."

"And this isn't? I'm not... right?" Her voice goes sort of small, and lonely.

He swallows, suddenly realizing he's on dangerous ground. "I feel like we're just getting to know each other."

"I think we became rather well acquainted last night..."

His face heats up for a different reason. "Yeah. And that was... so hot."

"I thought so too." She smiles a bit, and then a thought occurs to her. "Had you ever done that before?"

He does briefly think about lying to try and save some measure of coolness to her, but decides to go with honesty, and shakes his head. "No."

"So has a girl ever..." She reaches out and puts her hand on his thigh, fingers stretching toward the crotch of his pants. "Jerked you off?"

Her eyes are right there and there's no way she can miss the movement under the cloth. "No."

"You don't want to have sex, but does that mean everything is off limits?" She just lets her hand rest there.

"No," he says, then realizes she might misunderstand that. "Not off limits."

She sits up then kneels on the bed, in front of him. "Good."

Her fingers reach down to undo his pants, and he's completely hard before she's even done.

"You've done this before?" He asks.

He thinks for a second that might have broken the spell, the mood, but then she just nods.

"A few times." She looks up at him. "Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"I don't know." He looks back at her but really all he can think is her hand, his cock, her mouth.

She leans forward and kisses him while she puts her fingers through the belt loops of his jeans and tugs. "I'm told I'm good at it."

From the way she says it, he feels like there's some sort of joke there that he's missing. Then she's sliding off of the bed and onto her knees, pulling his underwear down, too. He feel embarrassment creep over him; he's never been naked in front of a girl like this. He's still wearing a shirt but he feels naked, for sure.

She wraps her fingers around him, staring at him with keen interest. His dick throbs with the pulse of his blood and he can feel that tingle already building deep in his gut. He watches her, unable to take his eyes away, when she leans in and with the tip of her tongue licks down his shaft. He sucks in a breath and precome wells at the tip, trickles down. She laps at the head next like she's licking a lollipop and it feels good - not amazing, but soft and a little ticklish. It's the sight that drives him nuts, her dark head bent over him. His hand clenches in the comforter on his bed.

"Do you like that?" She stops to ask, looking up at him again.

Her hair has fallen into her face and he reaches out to brush it away. "It feels good."

She looks up at him and grins and then takes just the head in her mouth. He shuts his eyes so tightly, so quickly, that his vision swims when he opens them again. She just holds him there against his tongue for a minute before she starts to move, lips sealed around him, sucking lightly as she goes. Her nose brushes the hair around the base of his cock and she swallows, a rippling sort of motion against the tip of his cock. His thighs tense and his knuckles turn white. "Vala..."

"Yeah? Like that?" She says it around him, muffled and garbled but he understands the words just perfectly and nods frantically to let her know that he definitely likes that.

She sucks again, a little harder, and cups his balls in her hand. With the other she reaches out and unclenches his fingers from the cover and moves his hand to her shoulder, encouraging him to touch her. He goes for the hair right away, stroking it, sinking his fingers into it. She starts to move her mouth up and down on him again and he watches with blatant greedy eyes, like he's trying to just memorize the sight of her. Her breasts are pale and firm and her nipples are stiff in the cool air of his room.

He breathes harder and faster and struggles not to many any other noise. His hand drops to her shoulder then the back of her neck, cupping. He's hyper aware of not pushing too hard to far though instinct makes him want to thrust. "Vala," The name escapes him and she sucks harder, hand squeezing just a little on his sac and he feels it like a wave about to hit him. He hand drops away and he warns her, imagining she'll want to move back. "I'm gonna come..."

She doesn't back away. Her brow furrows in concentration and she keeps her mouth on him, tight suction that drives him over the edge. He breathes out of his nose with a tightly closed mouth but even that can't stop the grunt when the first shot of come leaves him. He can't stop the jerking of his hips either, cock wanting as deep inside that wet warmth as he can get while it comes. It leaves him in pulses and seems like so much, like more than he's ever come before, but maybe thats because he's watching her. She pulls back just enough so that it won't hit the back of her throat and make her gag and when she readjusts he can see it pearly and white against her tongue. She closes her lips around him again until he's finished and then she pulls back and he watches the movement of her throat as she swallows. It's so hot, hits him so hard, that another little bit actually dribbles out. She licks it up and then leans back on her heels, resting her hands on his thighs.

He still can't catch his breath.


He lays her out on the bed. Now that the urgency is gone on his part he wants to play. She seems so responsive to everything he does, like she's just craving the touches and kisses. She's not shy and that makes him less shy, too; he pulls his shirt over his head and they're naked, together. He's pretty sure it won't take long for him to get hard again but he wants to make her come. He's been daydreaming of it all day long, sitting in class remembered the way she felt when she orgasmed around his fingers, and he wants that again.

"I don't know what I'm doing," he says, laughing, wanting to throw a disclaimer out there.

"I'll show you." Her eyes and big and wide and gray and gorgeous. She looks at him a little bit like she thinks he's going to disappear and that would confuse him if he weren't so distracted. "Besides, you did all right last night."

"You showed me," he reminds her, grinning.

He puts his hands on her hips and kisses her stomach. It jumps under his lips when she breaths in deep. He gauges those reactions, cataloging them. When he blows breath on her belly button she giggles, ticklish. When he licks the hollow of her hip she squirms and spreads her legs a little. When he sucks, hard, she pushes into it and whimpers.

"More," she says - bossy, demanding.

"What?" He leans back, hands still on her hips. She's wearing panties and it's so hot... her just stretched out on his bed, almost naked. Just that one thing hidden, that one thing that he's so endlessly fascinated by. "Said you'd show me, right?"

"I want..." Her eyes suddenly go a little wider, as if a thought is just occurring to her. "Your mouth."

Oh, yeah. Definitely won't be much recover time here. He nods and pulls off her panties, looking at what he'd only touched the night before; the v of her legs, black curls and pale skin, lips just peeking out. She spreads her knees and lifts them and grins at him, challenge in her eyes

That catches him off guard. She's having fun. They both are. He grins back. "Okay."


She tastes good - sweeter than he'd expected. He's tasted his own come before, just out of curiosity, and it hadn't seemed horrible but it hadn't held much appeal, either. Vala's different - he licks curiously, exploring with his tongue, finding places and textures in a whole different way.

Helpfully, she drapes one leg over his shoulder. He laughs, huffing breath against her cunt, and that makes her gasp.

"Lick inside of me," she orders him. "Put your tongue in me."

He does, but he's not sure what else he's supposed to do. He tries fucking her with it but it just doesn't go that far. After a minute he pulls his face back. "Like that?"

She looks conflicted. "Lick... up, more. My..."

She doesn't have to say it, he's already lowering his head back down, tongue seeking out that place he'd found with his fingers before. It's easier to differentiate like this; his tongue is more sensitive than the pad of his finger and her clit is smoother, harder, a little nub that reacts so perfectly when he swipes the flat surface of his tongue over it.

He knows that feels good so he tries to keep doing that but his tongue also tires faster than he fingers. Minutes pass and he lifts his head, jaw hurting a little, and looks at her. "How is that?"

"It's..." She bites her bottom lip. "Nice?"

He winces. "Nice?"

"Come here." She reaches for him, pulling him up closer to her, and kisses him. That's better; that's familiar ground, by now.

"Doesn't seem fair," he says, between kisses.

"Hmm?" She's more interested in making out than talking, but acknowledges enough that he knows she's listening.

"That you were damn good, and I was..." He gives her a short kiss. "Nice."

"Well, you just need practice," she says, pushing him back a little though he's still sitting up, and straddling him. He puts his arms around her, enjoying her on his lap. "Luckily I'm a nice enough person to let you."

"Oh yeah," Cam says, kissing her neck. "Very nice."

She sighs happily and tilts her head to the side. "Not as nice as you, though."

Cam's doorknob rattles and for a ridiculous moment he almost pushes Vala off of him. Luckily he doesn't have to, she scrambles away on her own, grabbing her panties and her shirt, looking terrified.

"Yeah?" Cam calls out, hoping his voice doesn't sound off. The doorknob rattles again but it's firmly locked.

"Mom said I had to come ask you if you want the last half of this brownie because it's the last one. She said I couldn't eat it til I asked. Do you?" Will asks through the door.

"All yours," Cam shouts back.

He hears receding footsteps and tries to convince his heart it can really stop pounding out of his chest now.

Vala's already halfway redressed. Cam reaches out and grabs her hand, pulling her back onto the bed. "So, uh."

"Should I leave?" She asks quietly.

"What? Because of that? No... don't." He doesn't know where she'd go, anyway. "You know... my parents might understand..."

"That I slept in your bed last night?" She looks doubtful.

"Well, not that," he quickly rectifies. "Just your situation. My mom, maybe. She might help you."

"There is no way to help." Vala's posture stiffens. "Unless your parents want to adopt me, and in which case, I'm really not prepared to deal with the pseudo incest aspect... are you?"

"Vala!" He makes a face. He also recognizes her attempts at redirection now. "I don't know how long you can hide up here, though."

"I can leave," she says, again, but she sort of looks like she wants to cry and that's the last thing Cam wants.

"Hey..." He shakes his head, pulling her in against him. He loves how she fits in his arms. "We'll figure something out."

He's not at all comfortable or confident with his ability to tell her what she should do, but he doesn't want her to leave and he wants to be the one that's there for her. He watches her struggle against words and decides that maybe distraction is the best tactic here, maybe that's what he can do for her.

"I want to be a pilot," he says, going with the first thing that pops into his mind. "I want to join the Air Force and fly."

She sniffles just a little, despite the fact that the tears never left her eyes. "Why do you need the Air Force to do that?"

"I don't know," he admits. "My dad says it'll give my career structure. And they pay for really good education. What I want to do isn't cheap."

"Do you not want to?" She asks.

"I do, yeah," he says, leaning forward until his forehead touches hers. "I've had a lot of people tell me I didn't need to go into the military just because my dad wants me to, but I listen to him talk about it and he loved it. He got to see the world. He got to be the good guy and help people."

He's sure his father did some bad things, too, but Cam's only sixteen and the realities of that haven't set in. It's easy to gloss over.

Vala smiles like she's just learned, or maybe just realizes, something. "You like doing good things."

"Well... yeah," he says.

"Is that why you like me? Am I just a charity case for you?" She says it in that voice that he still doesn't really get, where she's kind of joking and he can't read anything more than that, but her words still sit funny with him.

"No," he says, and kisses her again. "No."

"Am I your girlfriend?" She asks again, like she's challenging him now.

He grins. "I hope so. You deflowered me, after all."

She snorts in surprised amusement. "Oh, I haven't done that yet."

He draws in a breath. Just the innuendo kickstarts his libido again, but he tells his dick to have a little patience. Right now he just wants to talk, and maybe that's girly, but it's true. "So you're my girlfriend?"

She nods just a little, biting her bottom lip. "And you have to take me out on a date."

"Tomorrow," Cam says, deciding it only just then. "It's Saturday. We can spend the whole day together."

"Not sick of me yet?" She asks, curling in closer. Wrapping his arms around her feels natural now, because he knows she won't push him away.

"All day long today I just kept thinking about you. Where you were, what you were doing."

"Let's run away together, then. We spend all day, every day together."

He doesn't know what to say to that, so he doesn't say anything. He thinks about it, though; thinks about it knowing how unrealistic it would be, how he'd never go through with it, but it's still fun to imagine. "Where would you want to go?"

"Back to Australia." She sighs. "I miss it."

"I bet it misses you, too." He kisses her.

"You'd like it there, I think.," she declares. "We can stow away on a ship."

"Well, that's cheaper, for sure..." Cam says. His voice is getting sleepier, and he can tell she's fading, too. They keep talking, voice turning to low mumbles. "Y'don't get seasick, do you?"

"Dont' think so... I can teach you how to surf...." She yawns a little and that's it, she's drifted off with a smile on her face.


Cam wakes in the morning and he's alone.

His first thought is that Vala's left and he's confused and upset, but he sees her jeans on the floor, her bag by them, and realizes she must still be here.

Just not in his room.

That inspires panic, and he shoots to his feet, grabbing some pajama pants and stepping outside of his room. The halls are empty. It's early in the morning still, but not so early that his father or mother might not be up.

The door to the bathroom opens and Vala walks out, looking surprise to see him there. She's wearing only her tank top and panties. Cam almost falls in his hurry to get to her, grab her arm and tugs her back into his room. "What were you doing?" He whispers, heart pounding.

She yanks her hand back, looking hurt. "I had to pee. Where else did you expect me to go?"

He forces his breathing back under control and some of the panic fades. "Sorry, I just woke up and you weren't here."

She isn't entirely without understanding. "I'm sorry," she says, words that don't often come from her mouth. At least not when she actually means it. "But I was very quiet."

His eyes flicker down to her arm. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Nothing you can't kiss better." Her lips quirk flirtatiously. "If you're so inclined."

He smiles back, realizing it's okay. He steps in and kisses her on the temple, avoiding her mouth out of embarrassment over having morning breath. She doesn't seem to mind, just steps into his arms and snuggles herself against him.

And then his door opens.

part 3


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