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Cleaning Up (Teenager-verse)

Smutty little ficlet. Set a month or two after the third part of Teenage Dream. Underage.

Frank goes away for a couple of days, a business trip. There isn't much change to Cam's schedule, except that on Tuesday morning he gets a surprise.

He's in the shower when the door opens.

"Will?" Cam roars, annoyed. "I told you-"

The silhouette he sees through the opaque shower curtain isn't his little brother.

The curtain is pulled back and Vala steps in. She's naked - totally naked - and the bar of soap in his hand drops to the floor. "What..."

He's never seen her naked. He can't stop staring, and when he does it's only because she's decreased his frame of vision by coming closer.

"Your mother left early to take Will to school," Vala says, reaching up and tracing a line through the soap clinging to Cam's shoulder. "I'm supposed to remind you that there's toast and bacon in the kitchen."

"She's gone?" Cam asks, just in case he might have misunderstood.

"We're all alone..." Vala wraps her arms around him and he feels her breasts press against his chest. They haven't had that much private time - a few dates, fooling around and groping, but their brief interlude of intimacy has encountered nonstop obstacles from his parents, something he's sure isn't a coincidence. His mother stays up later, usually until either Cam or Vala has gone to bed, and there's been an unspoken rule between them after that first night that they won't do anything to upset Cam's parents letting Vala stay.

It's been long weeks of furtive makeout sessions and nights with his right hand, so the feeling of Vala's nipples pressing against his chest, her hips bumping against his cock, sends him into overdrive.

"We can't be late for school," he says between kisses, but his hands are cupping her ass and hers are gripping his shoulders and the water pours down over both of them.

"Do you really think it'll take that long?" She grins and reaches between them and wraps her fingers around his cock, stroking.

"Not if you keep doing that," Cam laughs, but that laugh turns into a quiet groan when she speeds up the action of her wrist. He kisses her neck, closing his eyes since the water makes them sting, and in only a couple of minutes he's hitching his breath and then coming between their bodies. The water washes the evidence of it away from their skin.

Cam's breathing hard but he turns Vala around so she's in front of him, back to his chest, and palms down to her stomach to cup between her legs. He presses his middle finger into her just to tease her then withdraws, feels her arch forward and then plunges two back in.

"Hold onto me," he says, and she reaches backwards to loop her arms around his neck. He uses his other hand to grasp the bar holding the shower curtain up, giving himself some leverage to work without worrying that they'll slip, and starts to finger her. He thrusts two in and out and Vala reacts wildly, gasping and whimpering and arching against him. She fucks herself on his fingers until she's so close but Cam's not going to let her get off quite so quickly.

"Cameron!" She whines, impatient and disbelieving.

Cam's half hard again already and he has an idea. He kisses her neck and then reaches up with slippery fingers to grasp the showerhead - the detatchable one.

Cam aims it low and Vala lets out a cry that makes Cam glad that no one else is home. He rubs his fingers against her too and then cups her leg, guiding it until she gets the picture and lifts it, resting her foot on the ledge of the shower. She leans back completely against him and he teases her with the pulsing spray of water against her clit. She writhes, a different kind of reaction than he gets from her using his fingers, like it's almost too much and she's trying to get away, but he knows it feels good to her. His cock jerks against the small of her back and he wonders if they'll have time for a second round. Probably not - but first period is overrated, and he really wants to feel her come.

He remembers what she'd tried to do the other night and readjusts so that he's between her legs. He uses the spray again and this time he can feel it against the head of his cock too and it tears a surprised shout out of him. Vala laughs, breathless, and rocks back and forth on him. She guides his hand with the showerhead and he lets her control the movement now.

She lets it drop after a minute and reaches between them, pressing his cock against her clit and bucking hard as she leans forward, planting her hands on the wall of the shower. Cam surges forward with her, thrusting hard and fast, rutting against her thighs. She keeps her hand cupped right there over her clit so that with every stroke he rubs right against her with the head of his dick. She must have been right on the edge because she comes and he can feel the wetness from her flooding over the shaft of his cock. He can't stop the short jerking motions of his hips until he's coming too, spurting against the wall of the shower. He keeps on going through every thick hot pulse of come, keeps moving because fuck this feels better than anything, feels like what he thinks sex is, and by the time he's done his cock is softening and his knees are trembling and his chest is burning.

He stumbles back against the far wall of the shower, leaning his weight on it. Vala straightens slowly, and turns to look at him. She looks like he feels; overwhelmed, amazed. She reaches down and grabs the showerhead, and he reaches he can still see smears of come against her thighs. She aims the showerhead there and cries out when he touches her skin, her body jerking and he wonders if she's coming again.

Once she's cleaned away the come she reaches behind her and turns the water off. Cam manages to jog his brain into action around then, grabbing a towel and handing her one while he dries himself off, too.

Vala grins at him as she towels her hair dry, leaving her body uncovered and dripping wet. Cam stares greedily. "Now, isn't that a better way to start the day than cold cereal and cartoons on the television?"


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