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Cider and Silence
(tag to Fall Harvest, takes place directly after)
Part of the Kansas series

For [ profile] jrmstoughchick, for the Stargateland gift exchange.

After the hayride neither of them seem to want to leave. Vala slides her hand into Cam's pocket, sliding their fingers together in the cozy warmth of it, as they walk around. Something about it makes his stomach flip pleasantly and he feels like he's back in high school, boggling over the pretty girl saying she'll go out with him.

"Hey, look," he says, pointing to a screen set up outside.

"Ooh, movies!" She leads him over, finding a spot on the grass that isn't occupied and looking at him hopefully.

"Grab us a spot, I'll go get some cider," he says.

"Cider?" That's something the cafeteria hasn't stocked. She hasn't tried it yet. She loves these new earth experiences. Cam loves watching her have them.

"I think you'll like it." He hesitates, leans down and kisses her again before he walks away. He can feel her smiling against his mouth.

He brings back two steaming cups of cider, and joins her on the ground. Vala sighs in pleasure at the tangy cider on her tongue, enough alcohol in it that after she's finished hers and half of Cam's that she's gone all soft and giggly, leaning into him.

He glances down at her and she smiles and kisses the corner of his mouth. He turns his head slightly and the kiss lands spot on. They talk, exchange comments on the movie, but mostly they just look at each other.

Vala yawns and the movie isn't over but Cam is restless. "Wanna head back?"

She nods and follows him up, wrapping both arms around his as they walk. It's quiet on the drive back, the late enough that the roads are emptier. There's no music on the radio, and for once Vala seems content with silence.

Cam reaches over the console between them and takes her hand. He's proud of not hesitating first and even prouder when she gives him a shy smile. "You meant it?"

He knows what she's asking without needing clarification.

"Yeah," he says. "I meant it."

She bites her bottom lip. "I want you to."

"I do."

She blinks quickly and somehow the fact that she isn't saying it back is overshadowed by her reaction to him. He squeezes her hand and he hopes somehow that lets her know that he gets it, that he's okay with it, that as long as she doesn't walk away, he's fine with how things are.

She squeezes back, and he thinks that maybe she does.


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