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Small Talk
Rated PG-13



"Shut up."

"But I didn't-"

"Shut up."

"Can't I Just-"



"Do I have to even say it?"

"... shut up?"

"Gee, got it in one."

"Yes, I'm quite clever at guessing games."



"Did you just say sigh?"


"You couldn't just... do it? You had to say it?"

"I was trying to determine if verbal descriptions would work to get around your whole 'shut up, Vala' rule."

"Oh, you caught on to that rule?"

"Bit hard not to."

"And yet you're still not shutting up."



"How long has it been?"

"Vala, I don't know."

"My wrists hurt."

"That tends to happen when you're tied up with someone."

"You can't use that magnificent Tauri military training to undo the ropes?"

"You can't use that cunning sexy alien thief training to undo them?"

"Ooh, so you DO think I'm sexy!"

"Vala, that wasn't my point-"

"Oh, I think it was."

"Vala! Stop that!"

"Why? You seem to like it."

"How can you even move your hands that far?"

"I'm very dexterous."

"Enough to grope me, but not enough to untie us?"



"Could be worse, I guess?"

"What was that, Cameron, darling?"

"I'm not your darling. And I said, it could be worse."

"Yes, you could be tied up here with Daniel. Now, he would talk your ear off. And you'd be too afraid to tell him to shut up."

"That's not true."

"Aw, did I bruise your pride there? It's all right, dear. You're still very manly and I'm sure your genitals are of comprable size to his. Not that I know know."


"I said-"

"No, I heard what you said, I'm just surprised."

"What, because I haven't actually seen Daniel naked?"

"Well, I mean, most of the people on base just assume..."

"Of course they do."

"And that doesn' bother you?"

"Of course not. If it weren't for the fact that people are somehow under the impression that I'm in some sort of sexual relationship with Daniel, I'm quite certain there's no way they'd have allowed me to stay."

"So you think you're only here because people trust his judgement?"


"Well, it's kind of true - he must like you, if you're still here - but I think by now, you'd be able to stay on your own merit."

"Cameron, are you feeling all right? Did they slip you something when I wasn't looking? Bump your head, perhaps?"


"It's just, that sounded an awful lot like a compliment. Like you giving me one." ... "Cameron?"


"You stopped talking."

"Sorry. But do I really never say anything nice to you?"

"Oh. Well. You're not mean, not compared to- well, you're not mean."

"But I'm not nice?"

"You... you treat me just like everyone else does."

"Well, I'm sorry, then."


"There's no good reason why I shouldn't tell you what an asset you are to the team. And... hell. I just like having you around."


"Yeah, really. Stop - hey, that wasn't an invitation- oh."

"You sure?"


"I like you, too, Cameron. And I've been trying to casually hint for quite a while that I'd like to show you exactly how much of an asset I can really be."

"I don't- this isn't-"


"Hey, Jackson, in here!"

"We'll finish this later, Colonel."
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