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Cider and Silence
(tag to Fall Harvest, takes place directly after)
Part of the Kansas series

For [ profile] jrmstoughchick, for the Stargateland gift exchange.

After the hayride neither of them seem to want to leave. )
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Not knowing
Amanda Tapping/Robin Dunne
Rated PG

Amanda wakes in the middle of the night. She gets up, knowing she should leave, but she doesn't make it any farther than the edge of the bed.

Robin's room is messy. He's a messy guy; he doesn't keep things neat and orderly. His apartment looks like a permanent bachelor pad. It's so much the opposite of her house, where there are family photos on the wall, art and decorative candles grade school artwork neatly displayed in frames. She has a housekeeper twice a week and a husband that knows not to leave his socks on the floor and it's cozy, cute, some place she doesn't mind entertaining.

Robin's apartment isn't like that at all. Dirty dishes in the sink, cabinets with mismatched plates... he has nice things, but it's obvious it isn't a priority to him. There's always beer in the fridge and he's got a bar better stocked than his pantry. His clean clothes don't often make it past the hamper and some days he shows up on set in wrinkles t-shirts not really caring, since he knows they'll just re-dress him anyway.

The thing is, Amanda realizes, when she's around him she becomes like that; not that she forgets who she is but none of it quite seems to matter as much when she's naked with him, his hands on her body, his laughter infectious.

But this isn't her. She doesn't know how long she can live this life, walk this knife's edge of being in his world and in her own at the same time. What they're doing is wrong and she'd never considered before that she might meet someone she couldn't resist but every time she tries to take a step back she ends up falling forward again.

"Sneaking out on me, Tapping?" Robin's sleepy voice mumbles and she feels a hand on her naked him. She turns her head, looking over her shoulder at him. He's still on his back, eyes shut, but his fingers curl against her skin.

She should leave. She should, but she doesn't. She sits and looks at his boxers at her feet and the way there's nothing on his walls and she doesn't leave, because she needs to but she doesn't want to.

Her husband never questions her. Late hours, long nights, script rewrites, editing snafus, production schedules. He believes it all, always, and it's so often the truth that slipping a lie in here or there has become easy.

Sometimes it's shocking to realize how many people can't tell a scripted lie from the truth; not even her husband, because it just wouldn't ever occur to him that she's got something to hide.

He opens his eyes now, looking at her. "'manda?"

"I just wanted something to drink," she says.

His fingers trail up her back, touching the ends of her hair. "Liar. You were gonna take off."

Robin pays closer attention than most people. He reads her, knows her. It's that attention that made her sit up and take notice; those eyes prickling on her skin just the wrong side of subtle enough, reminding her what chemistry feels like. She's greedy for it now, finding him across the room sometimes, moving in ways that beg him to just keep watching and he never fails to deliver.

"I just..." She sighs. "I don't know."

Robin rolls onto his side. "Me either. So lets not know together."

She looks over her shoulder again, then smiles at him. She turns and sits back against the headboard, giving up and giving in. Maybe she'll come to her senses soon... but not tonight.
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Cleaning Up (Teenager-verse)

Smutty little ficlet. Set a month or two after the third part of Teenage Dream. Underage.

On Tuesday morning he gets a surprise. )
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Teenage Dream, part 3/3
8294 words
rated nc-17
cam/vala high school au
part 1, part 2

His mother just stands there, staring. )
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Fresh Start
Rated PG

For [ profile] jrmstoughchick for the [ profile] farscape_land Trick or Treat challenge!

My marriage is over. )
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Exodus from Ordinary (Premiere)
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: John gets some bad news, and Aeryn has a crash. AU.
Notes: In regards to the prompt - what's more anarchistic than turning the whole premise of Farscape upside down? Also, as always, thanks to hand-holder extraordinaire [ profile] virkatjol.

Aeryn wakes up and tastes blood. )
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Do you love Farscape? Do you love landcomms

Do you like one and want to know more about the other?


[ profile] farscape_land [ profile] farscape_land [ profile] farscape_land [ profile] farscape_land

FAQ and Rules | JOIN A TEAM
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Teenage Dream, part 2/3
5140 words
rated nc-17
cam/vala high school au
part 1

(also submitted for the [ profile] stargateland Favorite Things challenge)

Cam goes straight home after school, relieved to see an empty house with no cars in front of it. )
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Teenage Dream, part 1/3
8940 words
rated nc-17
cam/vala high school au

(also submitted for the [ profile] scifiland big bang)

It's a Thursday when Cam works up the nerve to talk to Vala for the first time.  )
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Written while I watched The Powers That Be. Set a few weeks after that.

Cam wakes and realizes two things... )
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Written for the [ profile] stargateland AU challenge. Vala has a secret...

I guess I should PROBABLY go ahead and thank [ profile] virkatjol for both the suggestion and for the title. :D YOU WERE VERY ~INSPIRATIONAL DURING THE WRITING OF THIS.

There's a tingle... )
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Team Night
Cam, Vala (PG)
SG-1 gen team fic, Cam POV
760 words

Of course, event my gen fic is Cam and Vala focused. Sorry!

Written for the [ profile] fandomverse challenge The Group.

It's without a doubt the calmest... )
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Twelve Months
Warning for non-specific character death.
Rated PG-13

Written for the stargateland sequence challenge. )
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John/Aeryn (Farscape)
Rated R
~2400 words

For [ profile] virkatjol and [ profile] valhallalilly. (And also, for the [ profile] scifiland Summer challenge.

Florida and Aeryn don't really go together. )
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Worth it

Written for [ profile] virkatjol for the [ profile] stargateland gift exchange.

Warning: contains mentions of Vala in a bikini. )
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